Training Chihuahuas to be obedient

Be effective: Train you Chihuahua in an effective manner so it will be able to understand and learn things in a quick manner. In case of weak training, the puppy will remain confuse and distracted which loss its interest in learning. It start getting frustrated and it will not be able to respond on any command. It is important to select the training area free of any disturbance so the Chihuahua will learn obedience command in a quick manner.

Easy Right way to train Chihuahuas
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Be persistent: During training it is essential to remain persistent. Chihuahua is very cute in appearance and its cuteness may distract you. So it is suggested to be determined and do not pay much attention on playing with pup. You need to develop awareness in the Chihuahua that when it is playtime and when it is training time. You can guide the pup by giving certain commands such as ‘quiet’ or avoid talking to it. You can also use dissimilar tone of voice while playing with pup and during training so it will be able to learn that what the right time to play is.


Where to begin? It is not appropriate to teach Chihuahua difficult thing right in the beginning. Start with easy commands such as sit, quiet, stay, watch me, stand, come, leave it, etc. Never use long sentences because short and uncomplicated sentences are easy to understand. Keep using one command until it gets used to of it then move to next. If pup follow your commands then reward it or appreciate it so it will learn faster. Obedience training is not short-term training. It takes a plenty of time to train the Chihuahua so do not try to teach in a fast manner because it just confuses the puppy and it will lose its interest in learning.

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