Exercise for Chihuahuas

Overview: Chihuahua is the small sized puppy among all dogs that’s why it does well in any living place such as small apartment. But it needs outdoor activities on a daily basis because it gets hyper very soon. If it is not taken outside it may prone to vicious behavior, i.e. biting. In contrast, well exercised puppy remains very happy and active throughout the day.


What are the constraints of exercise?

Puppies: Puppies are very energetic but at the same time very vulnerable. So it is not appropriate to take the puppy outside without proper safety measures. Over exercised is not a good suggestion for the puppy because it is very delicate and little exertion may harm the puppy. It may also cause medical issues such as dysplasia which is a joint slip out of the socket.


2 months to 4 months: At this stage, walks should be limited but essential for the puppy. You may take the puppy in the yard or corridor for short walks. Also use harness for outdoor purpose.


4 to 8 month old pup: 2 smaller walks are suggested at this stage for the pup. Every walk time period should be 15 to 20 minutes. To protect your puppy from harm, it is better to follow the tips mentioned below:

  • Check the walking surface area
  • Use 6 foot leash for the puppy
  • Take the puppy early morning for a walk in high temperature
  • Carry a bottle of water for the Chihuahua


Adults: At least 30 minutes of walk is best for the adult Chihuahua on a daily basis. It may include various outdoor activities that boost the interest in Chihuahua to exercise.


Tips for healthy exercise:

  • Motivate the puppy
  • Be consistent
  • Avoid slow activities that cause obesity in Chihuahua

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