Barking of Chihuahua

Usually, Chihuahua enjoys barking but the excessive barking create a lot of problems to the owners and neighbors. To avoid disturbance, it is better to know the appropriate way to control the dog’s barking habit.

Firstly, it is important to know about the exact reason for Chihuahua barking because it is possible to control the barking by eliminating that particular issue.

Common reasons of Chihuahua barking

  • To express its needs
  • To through sheer excitement while playing
  • When it feels alone
  • Just to enjoy
  • When feeling danger
  • To seek others attention
  • To express supremacy on other dogs
Behavior of Chihuahua
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What is an appropriate way to stop your Chihuahua from barking? Some owners do terrible mistakes by rewarding Chihuahua on excessive barking that encourages it to bark unnecessarily. It is better to avoid the action mentioned below to control the barking behavior of the Chihuahua.

  • Stop yelling and screaming in the Chihuahua because in this way Chihuahua is getting attention for what it is crying and encourages its barking habit.
  • If your puppy is enjoying barking its head outside then does not give any response because if you let it in, this action rewards the Chihuahua and it will repeat it more often.
  • Do not show affection towards Chihuahua if it is barking without reason because this action gives the wrong message to the Chihuahua that you are happy with its barking and it will become habitual to bark excessively.

Some effective techniques to keep the Chihuahua away from barking

  • Yelling at your Chihuahua makes it more rebellious
  • Chihuahua often bark on the phone ringing. Once your puppy gets used to the sound it will stop barking at it. All you need to give a training to the puppy to remain calm when
    phone rings.
  • “Quite” and “stop” are the two most important words that the owner should teach the Chihuahua which is helpful to control the aggressive behavior of the Chihuahua

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