Housebreak a Chihuahua

To train Chihuahua for a housebreaking is quite a difficult task because puppy has no idea what is going on and what’s wrong to go on your new carpet. At time owners are not able to notice that Chihuahua has done it because of the puppy little size.


Something to contemplate: Never allow your Chihuahua to housebreak inside the house. Keep an eye on the puppy because once it go on the spot, it is get habitual of the place. So, train the Chihuahua in the beginning in a very strict manner.


How to start? There are four basic housebreak training techniques that are used by Chihuahua owners which include litter box, outside, paper, and crate. Usually, litter box training is convenient to adapt by the puppy because Chihuahua find it difficult to go outside in the cold weather and when it rains.

No matter what method you are going to follow, you should take the Chihuahua in the training area daily in the morning, then after every meal, after play, after a nap and before bed. Such repetition will make the dog used to of this training. Owners should follow the training minimum 3 days and let the Chihuahua attempt it on its own. But observe the puppy keenly to avoid any mishap.

Housebreaking of Chihuahua
Image source: Housebreak a Chihuahua

Help in learning: Appreciation is an important aspect of Chihuahua training. Never ignore when it do something right. Encourage it by giving reward or treat so it will be able to have an idea that it is doing the something appreciable. Accident occur but do not highlight it much but remind the puppy that it did wrong so it will be careful next time. Housebreak training needs effort of both owner and Chihuahua. It is tough in the beginning but Chihuahua is smart enough to pick the instruction in a quick manner.

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