Crate training of Chihuahuas

Crate training provides the environment of den to dog because of its natural instincts. Chihuahua feels comfort and solitude in crate.


What are crate cautions? It is very important to use the crate in a very wise manner because it is not a magical box and Chihuahua may feel trapped or frustrated in the crate if it is not trained in a proper way.

  • Avoid to use crate to punish the puppy because the Chihuahua start to it and it will not enter in it.
  • If the Chihuahua spends too long time on the crate then it feels bothersome in it. Because it is not able to get enough exercise in the crate and the interaction with humans is also not possible in it. So it feels like a cage and depressed.
  • Chihuahua that is 6 months old cannot stay long in the crate not more than three to four hours because it is not able to control the bladder and bowels for a long time period.
  • Crate the Chihuahua until you start trust in it that it will not destroy the house.


Chihuahuas Training
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Types of crate for the Chihuahuas: There are various types of crates in the market which include

  • Collapsible, metal pens
  • Plastic crate
  • Fabric on a collapsible rigid frame


Training process:

Introduce dog to the crate: Here is the brief description about the way to introduce crate:

  • Place the crate in the sitting area where you spend a lot of time so the puppy will be getting used to of it and will not find it odd
  • Feed meal in the crate so the puppy will sit in it
  • Practice with long crating hours
  • Crate the Chihuahua when leave
  • Crate your puppy at night

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