Constipation problems in Chihuahuas

Overview: Many owners find it troublesome when the pup feeling difficulty and facing constipation issues. At times it is difficult for owners to understand the pup’s issue so it is better to keenly observe
the Chihuahua to identify the problem.

What are symptoms of Chihuahua constipation?

  • Trouble in discharging bowls: If your pup is facing trouble to push out feces and the facial expressions of Chihuahua are not good then it is clearly going through a constipation suffering.
  • Bathroom timing is irregular: After every meal, the dog tends to go bathroom after 60 or 20 minutes but in case of constipation Chihuahua avoid to go bathroom multiple days.
  • Hard stools: Some pups also experience feces deprived of water that is one of the major sign of constipation.


What are causes of constipation? There are various factors that are involved to causing constipation such as:

  • Lack of water: For Chihuahua which is 10 pounds of weight needs at least 8 ounces water every day. Only 1% loss of decrease of water in the pup’s body can cause constipation.
  • Exercise requirement: Work out is always a healthy task for the Chihuahua. It not only keeps the dog fit physically but also mentally. It also keeps bowl movement active so the Chihuahua never faces constipation issue.
  • Stress: At times, the change in the routine of the pup also causes distress that not only disturbs mood but also cause change in body cycle. Separation anxiety is one of the major issue that cause damage to digestive tract.


How to cure constipated Chihuahua?

  • Fulfill the water requirement of the Chihuahua
  • Observe the activities of the pup carefully
  • Fiber is the good option in the pup’s diet
  • Avoid stress causing factors

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