Chihuahuas Tear Stains

Overview: Tear stains are marks on the fur of the dog near the eye in which the fur gets discolored. Tear stains are different in color such as brownish, reddish, etc. Chihuahua with light colored fur has a prominent tear stains as compared to the dogs with dark fur.


Why stains are red or brown in color? There are two possibilities of color stains. Canine tears consist of lipids, lysozyme, porphyrin rings, mucin, and water. The porphyrin is culprit in it because it contains iron that stains the fur
in brown color. But the stains that are exposed to sunlight in a large amount of time are reddish in color.


Tear stains of Chihuahuas
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What cause tear stain?


Teething: It is very common in the Chihuahua to produce tears in a very excessive amount while teething. It is normally starts from 4 months and ends at 8 months.


Tap water: Tap water of many cities and town contains alarming amount of contaminants in it such as fluoride, cancer causing agent, toxins, etc. Such contaminants in an excessive amount cause tear staining.


Ear and nasal infection: If the Chihuahua is suffered from ear infection or sinuses then it trigger unnecessary tear flow. The symptoms of ear infection are trying to paw at the ears, rubbing, etc.


Plastic bowls: Plastic bowl is very common reason of tear staining in Chihuahua. It also cause pigmentation loss of the nose. Try to use a shallow and raised stainless steel bowl for your puppy.


Irritants: Chihuahua are allergic to many airborne things such as smoke and pollen cause much irritation to eyes that cause tearing.


Eye disease: Chihuahua develop tear stains if it is suffered from the eye disease because it because tearing that makes tear stains. Tear duct issue also cause tear stain in the Chihuahua.

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