Tracheal Collapse in Chihuahuas

Chihuahua is quite sensitive to suffer from diseases as compared to other dog breeds. Some of the owners are worried about breathing issues related to the Chihuahua. Many Chihuahua suffer from the tracheal collapse that is also called reverse sneezing. In this condition the trachea partially collapse which cause irritation and Chihuahua suffers from wheezing, coughing and gagging.

What is trachea? The trachea is the airway that start from larynx and end into the main bronchi that is located in the lungs. It is consist of many stiff rings that are connected with flexible tissues.

Why trachea collapse occur? At times, cartilage rings are not hard enough to endure the air pressure of the trachea which is produced during the process of respiration. It causes partial obstruction in the airway and Chihuahua find it difficult to breath.

Repiratory Problems in Chihuahuas
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Other factors that cause tracheal collapse: Tracheal collapse can also cause by allergies, bacterial infections, cigarette smoke, heart conditions, irritants, obesity and viruses. Leash pulling may also cause breathing issues particularly when the owner use collar to walk the Chihuahua. Trachea friendly dog harness are available in the market that will not harm the Chihuahua while pulling or pushing against the trachea.

Do not ignore tracheal collapse symptoms: Tracheal damage is a very sensitive issue so never take it for granted and immediately consult to the veterinarian. If you ignore or avoid the treatment then it may damage nasal passages, lungs, larynx and soft palate regions. Right medication at the right time is an essential element to save the Chihuahua life. It also prevent further complications if treated at the beginning. Chihuahua should be happy and healthy and the minor health issues of the puppy must be treated on time to keep the dog fit in all aspects.

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