Merle Chihuahua

What is merle Chihuahua? Merle Chihuahua is considered as a designer color puppy. It is quite popular because of its coat color but it also has various health problems. It is the very reason that merle Chihuahua is not mentioned in credible books.


Merle Chihuahua are worthy or not? Merle Chihuahua is quite dominant breed. There is also a controversy related to the merle Chihuahua that the merle gene is not existing naturally but it is introduced as a result of cross
breeding. In the evolutionary chain of dogs, all dogs come from a single source. Because of various modifications, numerous varieties of dogs have been introduced. Since 1940s, merles exist on the Chihuahua breed which is the period of more than 70 years.


Merle Chihuahuas
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Merle gene: Merle gene is dominant in nature which means one of the parent of merle Chihuahua exhibit traits of merle gene directly. Then the parent passes the traits to its offspring in a tiny patch. The merle gene cannot remain dormant for a long time period. Dogs which have white or beige color have more tendency to get effected with the merle gene. Lighter patches produced by the merle gene and it is also possible that merle pattern may not visible to the light colored dogs so such types of dogs are known as phantom merles or ghost.


Health risks with merle Chihuahua: If two merle dogs bred together then the offspring may face serious health issues that include deafness or blindness in the puppy. But if the pup is luckily healthy and exhibit no blindness or deafness issues then it doesn’t mean that you pup is completely healthy. It is still very sensitive to sunlight because of pale pigmentation. So it needs your special attention and great care.

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