Patellar Luxation in Chihuahuas

It is very common to the Chihuahua to have a knee problem that is known as patellar luxation.


Knee structure: Knee is very complicated structure that contains bones, ligaments, cartilage, and muscles. To function as a proper manner, it is necessary that such components aligned and in interact harmoniously. There are three major bones in the knee which are patella, femur, and tibia. There are two ridges in the lower front portion of the femur that is used to up and down the patella. Such structure also controls the quadriceps muscle activity.


Why patellar luxation occurs? It is the dislocation of patella or kneecap from the normal location. When Chihuahua experiences such condition then the patellar groves that produced by ridges are not much prominent. So the patellar will luxate sideward particularly towards inside which causes lock up in leg and the foot held off the ground.


Knee or Leg problem in Chihuahuas
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Why Chihuahua suffers luxating patella on both hind legs: Chihuahua experience patellar luxation not only because of environmental factors but also inherits as a genetic disease. There are many environmental factors that cause knee issues such as excessive jumping, and over stress on the patella and bordered ligaments. At the early developmental stage, such environmental action badly damages the knee. In case of an adult Chihuahua, a forceful hit is very noteworthy reason for patellar luxation.


Symptoms of patellar luxation: There are multiple symptoms of patellar luxation that include:

  • Yelping when in pain
  • Holding the rear leg in an upward direction
  • Skipping


Visit veterinarian for treatment: Do not delay if you find any symptom of patellar luxation in the Chihuahua and take the puppy to the expert veterinarian without wasting time. Glucosamine is quite effective against the treatment. At times surgery is required if the condition is severe.

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