Chihuahua Winter Care

Overview: Chihuahua is very sensitive by nature so it needs additional care in severe climatic conditions. Dry arid air during winter is very harmful to the puppy and it may get ill instantly. To avoid such illness, there is a need to follow tips as mentioned below:


Paw protection: Paw protection is very essential during winters. Because the cold surface makes paw super dried in winters and causes skin peel and crack that may cause serious infection. And ice melted surface is also damaging for dogs as it contains toxic chemicals that burn the paws. If the Chihuahua continues walking on such surface then paw burnt may occur that cause deeper infection.


How to prevent paw infection:

  • Use quality paw wax: There are various paw waxes are available in the market but it is better to select the reliable wax that provide proper covering with the paw which avoid slipping and provide protection against harmful chemicals.
  • Try booties: Booties are very protective towards the puppy. If you find the appropriate size then must consider it for your pup.


Nose protection: It is very important to protect the Chihuahua nose because the harsh winter can chap the nose. Use a quality nose butter or balm that is especially made for the puppy so it may properly cover the nose and protect against severe climate.


Coat and skin protection: In the dry and cold weather, the skin of the puppy also gets dry. Treat your Chihuahua with the appropriate shampoo and conditioner that properly clean the skin and conditioner should coat the fur without blockage.


Food issues: Chihuahua eats more in winter but less in summer season so there is nothing to worry if it demands more in the winter season. Just add 20% more in the meal.

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