Ears of Chihuahua

Ears of Chihuahua are interesting way to know about the alertness of the puppy. Position and shape of the ears depicts a lot about the Chihuahua behavior. Here is thought-provoking information about the elements that can influence the Chihuahua’s ears stand.


Newborns: Little Chihuahua has no erection in the ears so you may notice floppy ears of the pup. The reason
is that the muscles are not strong enough at the base to stand in an erratic manner.


8 to 12 years old Chihuahua: At this stage, ears start getting erect. Many Chihuahua show pretty good ears standing at this age. It is right after the teething age which may cause temporary limpness.


What is the effect of teething on the ear of the Chihuahua? Teething is quite discomfort phase for the Chihuahua. It not only cause pain but also extreme urge to chew. At this age, Chihuahua ears which are previously erected begin to droop. It may happen with one ear or with both ears because the muscles of jaw are connected with the muscles of ear base. At this stage, puppy chew a lot which cause the muscles stressed. It weaken the muscles that hold up the ears of the puppy. Mostly, it is temporary and after the phase is over, ears again erected.

Ears of Chihuahuas
Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/roxy314angela/7910299016/

Genetics: Genetics play a vital role in the ears erection. It depends on the breed standard. Careful pairing of two dogs is essential in the responsible breeding. It clearly means that if Chihuahua’ parents have excellent ears erection then it is obvious that the pup will also have the same erection mechanism.


Methods to enhance standing mechanism in Chihuahua: There are many techniques that are useful to strengthen the ear muscles of the Chihuahua that include taped ears, calcium supplements.

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