Hair shedding in Chihuahuas

Overview: Here are some of the common questions that are often asked by Chihuahua owners:

  • What is the expected time of Shedding?
  • What is the normal amount of shedding?
  • What types of issues are associated with excessive shedding?


Expected shedding: Usually Chihuahua are moderate shedders and it also included the short hair Chihuahua. Coat fur in Chihuahua are of different types. Some have single coat fur while others have double coat but the amount of shedding is not depend on the type of coat. There is a misconception that long coat Chihuahua sheds more than short hair Chihuahua but it is not true. There is a specific growth cycle in every long and short coated Chihuahua. Every hair follicle has three different stages that include:

  • Growth (anagen)
  • Rest (catagen)
  • Falling out (telogen)


Shedding in Chihuahuas
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Shedding with puppies: Some Chihuahua experience very heavy shedding while others have a gradual process of shedding in which the fine and soft hairs are replaced by relatively thicker and courser adult coat.


Seasonal and summer shedding: When your puppy start shedding from moderate to heavy then it is because of seasonal effect. Because of fluctuation in seasons, you may observe shedding twice a year. In late fall and early summer, there is change in shedding occurs.


Other reasons for shedding: If your puppy experience excessive shedding that may be due to health issues.

  • Alopecia: In Alopecia, the Chihuahua sheds in an extreme manner and produce patchy areas of thin hairs and sometimes bald spots appeared in such condition.

Other causes include:

  • Allergies
  • Cushing’s disease
  • Thyroid
  • Alopecia X (Unknown cause). In such condition, the veterinarian takes various tests to identify the main cause of excessive shedding or fur loss.

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