Teeth of Chihuahua

Chihuahua is the breed that can easily get affected with the dental issues as compared to other dog breeds. To keep the gums strong, dental treat and gnawing at certain toys are useful to remove the plaque. Chihuahua has somewhat soft teeth which make the dog susceptible.


Teeth stage of the Chihuahua Pups lose teeth in a following order:

  • Smaller front teeth
  • Premolars
  • Molars
  • Large canine teeth


Double rows: Chihuahua usually has double teethe because of presence of milk tooth and adult canine tooth at the same place. This issue can be evaded by examining the mouth on a weekly basis. Milk tooth can be removed by an expert veterinarian if it is detected at the earliest.


Proper bite: There are two types of bites in Chihuahua dogs:

  • Scissor bite: In this type of bite, the scissor teeth marginally overlap the teeth present in the lower jaw.
  • Level bite: In this type, the incisor teeth meet precisely surface to surface and there is no teethe overlapping take place.


Misaligned Bite: There are some serious bite related issues that can only be cured by surgery or teeth exclusion.

  • Wry mouth: In this type of disorder, the one side of the mouth is larger than other side that causes discomfort in the mouth. Chihuahua finds problem with eating and infection can be easily caused in wry mouth.
  • Malocclusion: In this type of disorder, teeth are slightly to severely crook. There are two reasons for this condition.
    It can be caused as a genetic disorder
    Early detachment of the milk teeth of the Chihuahua can cause this issue.


Keep your Chihuahua teeth sturdy and healthy:

  • Start brushing as early as possible
  • Quality is very important in the selection of canine brush and canine toothpaste
  • Dental chews are useful to clean the teeth

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