male and female chihuahua

Male vs female: Male and female Chihuahua are quite same in various ways but at the same time both are dissimilar in other ways. For instance, the male Chihuahua have a dominant personality and it cannot tolerate others interference in toys and food, while female Chihuahua displays mood swings which are mild in routine but gets more sever during heat.

Genders of Chihuahuas
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Heat: Female Chihuahua usually enters in its first heat cycle when it is between 4 to 9 months old. Heat cycles appear twice a year which is the time to get pregnant if it gets bonded with a male. The duration of heat season is different for every Chihuahua. Some Chihuahua remain in the estrus phase from 5 days to 3 weeks. During heat, if female is receptive to male, it will play with male by raising the tail. Heat may also effect the mood swings of the Chihuahua. Because of the contraction of the uterus, it is possible that the female Chihuahua may experience cramping.

Pregnancy: Some owners are quite confused to handle the Chihuahua pregnancy. It is possible that Chihuahua requires cesarean because of some complications but it is not something to be worried about. All you need to provide a relax and comfortable environment to make the pleasant event. At times Chihuahua may tie with a very large male dog which is quite risky thing. To avoid such issues, owners should keep a close look during Chihuahua heat.

Spaying and Neutering: In male Chihuahua, testicles are removed when the Chihuahua gets neutered. The swelling will diminish with the passage of time. The prize may vary and it depends on the complications of the surgery. Spaying before heat is the most recommended suggestion given by many veterinarians. The appropriate age for the spaying is between 8 weeks to 3 months old.

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