Pregnant female Chihuahua

Many owners feel panic when they came to know about the Chihuahua pregnancy because they have no idea how to deal with it. It is reality that Chihuahua pregnancy is a risky task and many Chihuahua females give birth by cesarean section.


Facts about Female Chihuahua: After entering the first heat cycle, the female Chihuahua are able to conceive. Toy breed dog gets its first cycle at a very young age normally 4 to 7 months old. Normally, breeders prefer to wait
for the 2 nd heat cycle in which Chihuahua can become pregnant.


Successful tie is not essential for pregnancy: Many owners think that they prevent the mounting before anything happens but it is a wrong assumption.


Two different dogs can make the Chihuahua pregnant: It happens because the female canine even more than one ova is available for many days so it may conceive twice by different dogs.


Much larger dog can make the Chihuahua pregnant: If Chihuahua gets pregnant with a large dog then there is a huge risk of it. It may bring many complications and risk factors so in order to avoid such danger keep a close eye on your Chihuahua. Do not allow it to spend time of large dogs in heat.


Pregnancy in Female Chihuahuas
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Signs of Chihuahua pregnancy

  • Female Chihuahua looking tired and lethargic
  • Have firm stomach
  • Make itself clean more than usual
  • It may suffer from an upset stomach


Warning signs during Labor: Do not waste time and immediately take the Chihuahua to the veterinarian if you find following symptoms:

  • If it is vomiting and crying and no delivery occurs
  • If pregnancy gets to prolong more than 70 days
  • If one puppy comes out and no movement occur in two hours
  • If it undergoes a severe pain

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