Raw food for Chihuahuas

Overview: Raw food diet is very healthy for your puppy. Some owners keep the puppy only on the raw food that is known as BARF diet which means Bones and Raw Food.


Raw food is healthy or not? The basic principle of the raw food is that it is the meal of Chihuahua’s ancestors, i.e. wolves but the digestive mechanism in both means in wolf and modern pet is quite different.


Food of early domesticated dogs: For 18,800 years, the canines have been domesticated and at that time the cooked food is also given along with the raw food. In 1860, the first commercial dog food was invented that was basically a biscuit and in 1930, the US company introduced first canned dog food. It contains cooked horse meat.


What early Chihuahua ate? According to one theory, Chihuahua is considered to originate from Techichi that is an ancient dog of Mexico. Another theory suggests that there were tiny dogs in America which were same as Chihuahua. They were fed on scraps of raw and cooked food and spoiled vegetables.


Raw food diets for Chihuahua: There are multiple raw which include:

  • BARF diet: This homemade meal contains raw meat and organs are used such as tripe, heart, stomach lining of animals, liver, and kidney. The animals may include fish, chicken, beef, turkey and bison.
  • Ultimate raw food diets: In this diet the same material is used as mentioned above but it also includes supplements of flax seeds and heavy amount of vitamin C.
  • Raw frozen food: This food is available by various commercial brands in market. It contains mix of meat, eggs and vegetables.
  • Raw froze diet food: It consists of ground bone, vegetables, raw chicken in freeze form.


Benefits of raw food

  • Healthier skin
  • Smaller stools
  • Better health
  • High energy level

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