Chihuahua overprotective for food

Overview: Usually dogs are possessive about certain things but sometimes they show very intense behavior that is not normal and it needs to be changes. Chihuahua shows over possessiveness about its food. To change such type of behavior, there is a need to find out causes of being over protective.

What are symptoms of being over protective?

  • It brings food to another location and eat there
  • It hides food
  • Chihuahua tends to bite or snap if anyone tries to touch the bowl
  • It started barking if someone gets close to the puppy’ food

Protecting the food bowl: Over protective Chihuahua not only tries to protect its food but also protect the empty bowl. The food in the bowl makes the dog over excited that is why the bowl is also very important to the puppy. A long time ago, dogs used to live in dens where there is a very small place and the dog tends to protect its food from other animals. At present, the dogs considered the whole area its den and it does not like any other interference in food.

Other reasons for being overprotective about food: Some dogs pretend as they are not provided enough food and over feeding makes the Chihuahua over weight that is quite harmful. There are many experts advises about the weight of Chihuahua that it should be normal in weight because over weight cause many health issues.

Is your Chihuahua getting enough calories? Active dog burns more calories as compared to the lazy dog. So active dog also needs more calories in diet but the need of calories change because of following reason:

  • If female Chihuahua is in heat or it is pregnant
  • Age of Chihuahua also changes the requirement of calories
  • The daily exercise alters the calories need

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