best snacks for Chihuahuas

Treats are as important for the Chihuahua as main meal. Snacks make up about 20% of the daily diet.


Why treats are important to the Chihuahua?

  • To train Chihuahua: Treat is important to train housebreaking or to teach commands to the dog in a quick manner as it learns quickly that which action pleases its owner and which action disappoint the owner.
  • Encourage on good behavior: Chihuahua has an amazing personality. It can easily make a difference between right and wrong but you need to train the Chihuahua by giving treats on the right actions.
  • Oral hygiene: Tooth decay of Chihuahua is very common so it is very important to take dental care of the
  • Meal supplementation: Chihuahua has the fastest metabolism that is why it needs snacks after small intervals.
snack for Chihuahuas
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Qualities of best treat

  • Without artificial flavor: Artificial ingredients are never suitable for the puppy as it shows immediate reaction after having artificial food that includes skin reactions, coat reaction, and stomach issues.
  • Without indigestible food: Some treats can only be digested by large dogs so avoid giving such snacks to Chihuahua that is small enough to digest raw hides and other hard material.


Treat tips

  • Keep your pockets full of dog treats so you will be able to reach the dog quickly and  reward it in a quick manner. If Chihuahua does something acceptable or follow your commands then you may reward it.
  • If you want to keep the dog focused on the task then keep the snacks in zipper so the Chihuahua will not be able to smell them and will complete the task in a proper manner.
  • Reward the puppy even on little commands like “sit”, “quiet” so it will be getting used to of it.

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