Chihuahua food and feeding

Overview: Owners should be very careful about the Chihuahua’ food because Chihuahua is quite sensitive by nature and the meal or snacks directly affect the puppy’s health.


Schedule to feed the Chihuahua: The puppy’s age and activity level are the major concerns of the Chihuahua’ diet.

  • If your puppy is around 3 months old and its weight is 2 pounds then provide food all the time so the pup can eat any time it wants to as in this age there is no routine of the puppy.
  • At the age 3 to 6 months, there should be proper meal schedule.
  • If the puppy gets 6 months to 1 year old than there should be 2-3 meals schedule.
  • At the age of 1 year and onwards, 2 meals are enough for the breed. You can also provide three meals as per Chihuahua demand.


What is the right quantity of feed for the Chihuahua? It’s all up to the calories demand of the Chihuahua. Every puppy has a different requirement of calories as it depends on the metabolism, activity level, and age of the dog. Don’t plan to give the same level of calories as other dogs have because every Chihuahua is unique and there is a
20% fluctuation in the feed quantity among dog.


Brief overview of Calories

  • About 50 calories is enough for the Chihuahua that is around 1 years old and enjoying a healthy life.
  • 35 to 40 calories is enough for the Chihuahua of 1 to 7 years old with regular work out.
  • Chihuahua that is 8 years old may have some health related issues so 30 calories are enough for the dog per pound body weight.


What are the best foods for the Chihuahua? Here is the brief list of quality food for the puppy

  • No low-priced filler
  • Not any artificial coloring
  • On no account generic animal fat
  • No wheat

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