Homemade food for Chihuahuas

Behavior problems with Chihuahua: If the Chihuahua ingests filters that are available in the manufactured food then there is a chance that puppy feels full but the available nutrients are not available in it because of filter.


Allergy: It is very common to dogs to have allergies from different commercial dog products. Chihuahua experiences various kind of allergies such as itchy skin, stomachs, dry skin, diarrhea, vomiting, and dim coat. In case of severe allergy take your puppy to the veterinarian.


Right food for Chihuahuas
Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/astronomygal/4226139823/


Here is a brief description of the correct homemade food:


Wheat: If your Chihuahua is allergic to wheat then provide wheat free meal to your dog.


Teething: During the teething phase, Chihuahua needs a healthy meal that is easy to eat. You may provide delicious homemade food to ease the suffering.


Marketing ploys: There are different dog meals are available in the market with different names such as senior food, dog food, pregnancy food, adult food and so on. Many owners have a misconception that the home cook meal is not fit according to the age of the Chihuahua but it is not true. Homemade food is appropriate for the Chihuahua of any age and size.


Raw food diets: Raw food is a healthy treat for the Chihuahua but it should be well cooked.


Tummy trouble times: At times, Chihuahua feels down because of upset tummy. Then it is better to avoid any manufactured food and provide home cooked food that is appropriate to provide relief.

Trust: Chihuahua develops trust to its owner to get feed. It starts drooling when you are preparing meal for it. It is very excited to see the food in the bowl. It show loyalty and eats whatever you provide the Chihuahua so try to provide healthy food to your puppy.

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