Eating problems of Chihuahuas

Overview: Many owners are quite worried about the eating problems related to Chihuahua and find no solution to tackle the issues. Here is the list of main problems that often faced by Chihuahua owners.

  • My puppy is overly hungry
  • Chihuahua eats everything
  • Prefer only one food item
  • Eating in a fast manner
  • Eat very little amount of food

Chihuahua diet is not enough: It is very alarming if your Chihuahua start eating a very negligible amount of food and it is not growing and losing weight in a very speedy manner. You should immediately consult to the expert veterinarian. Sometimes the bowl is not fit for the Chihuahua and it finds it troublesome to eat properly so dog start avoid eating.

My pup is picky: If your Chihuahua is selective then it is better to provide 4-5 manufactured brands food of superior quality hat is healthy for the puppy. So if it sticks only on the particular food than it will not cause any trouble. When Chihuahua I hungry it will eat any food item. You just offer it and leave it there so it will find no option left unless to eat it.

Feeding Problem in Chihuahua
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I hand-feed my Chihuahua: If the owner hand-feed the Chihuahua for few times then the puppy expect it all the times. To change this habit of the Chihuahua, raise the bowl of the food so it will find it convenient to eat from it.


Chihuahua eats in a speedy way: Some puppies are habitual to eat in a quick manner that badly effect digestive tract and also cause vomiting afterward. This habit can be changes by placing slow-feed stainless balls in the dish that displace the food. It takes a longer for the Chihuahua to consume food.

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