Chihuahua FAQs

How many types in Chihuahua coats? Usually, there are two types of coats that can be seen in officially available Chihuahua that includes smooth coat and long coat. Informally, there are six types of coats which include double coat, single short coat, short double coat along with undercoat, double long coat, single long coat
and long double coat along with undercoat.

What type of nature and temperament of the Chihuahua? Chihuahua are usually friendly by nature but it gets offended against strangers or the interference of dogs makes it aggressive. Chihuahua needs attention and care and if the owner fails to provide attention, it makes the Chihuahua feel lonely and annoying.


FAQs about Chihuahuas
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How can you convince me that the Chihuahua is best breed for me? Firstly, this breed is small in size and it is normally called toy dog because of its small size. Chihuahua can spend a friendly time with adults and children. There is little or no harm to the families that select this breed over others because of its cool and calm nature.
Be male and female Chihuahua are equally preferable?

Both male and female Chihuahua have their own good and bad sides. It is not justifiable to categorize the gender as a worthy or wicked dog.

If I need a dog as pet but not for breeding purpose then is it possible without AKC registration? Many people think that they are fully aware about the AKC registration but it is necessary to read details to fully understand regulations of having dog a pet.

What is the right way to housebreak my Chihuahua? The only way to housebreak your Chihuahua is a proper training. Confine your Chihuahua at the particular time and teach it multiple times so it will be getting used to of it and will not bother you anymore.

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