Blue Chihuahua

Many people are curious about the blue Chihuahua that is why it is called blue Chihuahua and what makes it different from other Chihuahua. No doubt that every Chihuahua is unique but the blue Chihuahua is known the best puppy among all breeds. The blue Chihuahua has a dull silver gray coat of a ting of blue.


Blue puppy is rare: Blue Chihuahua is not available easily. It is present in very selective regions and it is apple head or dear head puppy. The blue Chihuahua is produced by mating among a black and tan Chihuahua. But it is essential that parents carry recessive blue gene in the legacy line. The blue color appears in the offspring in various range, it is merle pattern that may be tri colored, multicolored.


Health issues linked with the blue coat: According to American club of Chihuahua, there are chances of birth defects or unwanted traits in the blue Chihuahua because the coat color gene is often associated with many other traits. Blue coat color or merle pattern mostly linked with common health issues in the puppy. It is one of the major reasons that many owners avoid such puppies because of other health problems.


Blue Chihuahua
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Gene hidden defects: There are many controversies related to blue Chihuahua breeding. It may associate with the gene unknown defects that may result in severe coat problems along with other health issues. So, it is important to know to all breeders that avoid breed the blue Chihuahua with another blue Chihuahua.


Want to buy the blue Chihuahua? Blue Chihuahua are very costly in some countries especially in Japan, the pet industry is growing in a very fast manner. Many people sell the blue Chihuahua according to the popularity of the
puppy which means the price of the Chihuahua depends on the fame of the puppy.

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