Chihuahua from Pet Store

People often get attracted to the Chihuahua which is displayed in the pet stores. In pet store all Chihuahua are collected from the puppy mills. Such Chihuahuas are not able to live the way you want because of lack of training. The owner has to face various issues after purchasing the puppy from the pet store a following:


Health and behavioral issues of pet store puppy: Pet store Chihuahua often shows weird behavior and many health problems are also faced by the owner. Creepy actions of the Chihuahua are because of absence of any exercise. It makes the pup lazy and dull. To make the puppy fit and energetic, you need to schedule walks and work outs for the puppy. Chihuahua health is very important aspect for the contented life. Try to provide healthy meal to the puppy. Meal should consist of vitamins and minerals which are healthy for the Chihuahua. It is also necessary to take care about the meal timing of the Chihuahua. Provide food twice or thrice as per demand and do not over load the puppy. Give the appropriate quantity of food to your puppy to keep it healthy.


Housebreaking and socializing is difficult for the pet store pup: Pet store puppies are not good at socializing. Housebreak training is also not provided for the pet store Chihuahua. When you purchase the pet store Chihuahua then make it sure that the puppy is not well trained and you need to spend a lot of time and energy to housebreak the puppy. Pet store pup feels shy initially because it is not used to interact with people. Gradually introduce the puppy to your family and friends so it will be able to communicate with an effective way.

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