Facts regarding Chihuahuas

Is Chihuahua is right pet for you? Chihuahua is quite sensitive by nature and it needs care and attention so if you have no soft corner for the puppy then do not buy this little dog. Chihuahua are available in a variety of coats, i.e. it can be merle, blue, smooth, and long. Chihuahua is very active and graceful. It is very loyal and easily get close with more than one person.


Tiny stature: Chihuahua is usually not aware about its little size so it can be bold with other dogs that are much larger than Chihuahua and exhibit a protective behavior towards the owner. It is somewhat wary of strangers that makes the Chihuahua a good watch dog.


Chihuahua needs care: Chihuahua demands human attention, petting and touching. If you will not provide the required attention then it will do various tricks to grab the attention such as it may use paws to slightly scratch you.


Facts to know about Chihuahuas
Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/timmielee5359/4841544567/


Keep one pet: Chihuahua is attention seeker so it is better for the owner to keep one pet at a time. Because it is quite difficult to take care of more than one pet equally that cause problem not only for you but also for puppy. Chihuahua is best pet for single people, handicapped, and elderly. Chihuahua can stay with you for hours and provide you an amazing company. It can lay down on your lap, beside the bed or on the carpet.


Clean your puppy: Take special care of your puppy while bathing and do not wet the ears because it cause infection in the ears. After bathing, dry your pup with a soft towel. Trim the nails of the puppy once a month because puppy can hurt itself and the owner with large nails.

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