Teacup Chihuahuas

The term teacup is basically an American term that is used to denote the size of the Chihuahua and it is not to signify the specific type of the Chihuahua.


New born Chihuahua: Many new born Chihuahua are teacup-sized and gradually increase in size. So at this stage, must be handled with great care. Dress the puppy according to its size to protect it from the severe weather conditions. If the owner is not well aware about to take care of the puppy in a well manner that it will not be nourished properly and will not nurture to its full potential.

Provide healthy food to your pup: If you want to buy a pup then get proper information form the Chihuahua breeder about the feed and research by yourself that which nutrients are essential for the pup. So you will provide healthy food to the puppy. Some of the Chihuahua are provided with essential fatty acids in food in the Childhood and also provided vitamin and mineral liquid formula in the water bowl.


How to take care the teacup pup: Chihuahua with such a small size is quite delicate and cannot bear any physical hardship. So it is important to take great care of the pup.

  • Provide it a luxury environment without any trouble
  • Pup should be dressed according to the weather condition because it cannot survive in severe climatic conditions
  • Feed the pup high quality food that contains essential nutrients and minerals. Because it needs quality meal from the very 1 st day and if it is not provided required nutrients then there are chances that Chihuahua will not be able to grow in a full manner.
  • Do not place the puppy outside the home because other dogs and larger animals may harm the pup.

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