Chihuahua breed

Chihuahua has a quite alluring looks because of its small size and it is also available in various shades that make it more attractive. Chihuahua loves to socialize and it only needs a little training and exercise to behave in a better way.

History of the little Chihuahua: Though, the origin of the Chihuahua is uncertain but there are two theories about the puppy. According to the first theory, it is the descendant of a Techichi that is the dog from a Central or South America. While second theory was quite interesting that there were dogs in China which were small in size and hairless. Spanish traders brought them Mexico and bred them with small native dogs. Irrespective of the theories, the Chihuahua we see at present was discovered in 1850s in the Mexican state of the Chihuahua. The AKC registered Chihuahua, the most popular breed in 1960s.

Chihuahua dogs and puppies
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Chihuahua are small in size: Most of the puppies are only 3-6 pounds. There are also some puppies that are quite small and remain weak because of the tiny size. Owners who are looking for the Chihuahua, they should prefer over sized puppy that is an appropriate choice of the families.

Personality of the Chihuahua: Chihuahua can be amazing watch dogs as it is quite attentive and suspicion of strangers by nature. Chihuahua are very friendly and normally eager to make new friends. It is appropriate to make your puppy Chihuahua socialize so it will never feel shy after getting old.

Care your Puppy: Chihuahua are very sensitive by nature and that’s why it needs proper attention and care. Training and exercise along with proper diet make your Chihuahua healthy and happy. Outdoors are not an appropriate places for the Chihuahua as there are dogs, hawks, etc. that may harm the puppy. Moreover, hot days are not suitable for the Chihuahua’s health so it is better to avoid outdoors during severe climatic conditions.

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