Apple Head and Dear Head Chihuahuas

What is apple head Chihuahua? It is any Chihuahua that has a round or dome shaped head. Such type of head is similar to apple. Because the upper portion of the head is wide and lower region is comparatively narrow. Some Chihuahua exhibits a slightly sunken portion just at the top of the skull that looks like the top of the apple. This region is known as molera which is very soft spot. Chihuahua breed standards define that the term apple head is specific to the Chihuahua that has apple doomed skull. The presence of molera is not necessary for apple head Chihuahua.


Health concerns with apple head pup: Though apple head puppies are very cute and has adorable looks but it is quite weak as compared to the deer head pup. Because it has comparatively weak immune system so it needs special care and attention. Do not ignore the puppy regarding any health issue. Proper cautions are very essential if you are going to buy this pup.


What is deer head Chihuahua? This name is referred to the Chihuahua that has a head which is not similar to the apple shape. Deer head pup has a longer nose and its head is similar to the head of young deer.


Health issues with deer head puppy: Such Chihuahuas have very strong immunity system and rarely face health issues. If you want to buy a strong pup that has a very strong resistance of disease then must go for the deer head pup.

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