Barking of Chihuahua

Overview: There is a common perception about the Chihuahua that it is habitual of barking but it is not true at all. This habit is different in each dog. Some are quiet, some rarely barks, some barks frequently and some dogs bark at certain situations.

Why Chihuahua barks? There are some very common reasons of barking that include:

  • Boredom
  • As a defense mechanism
  • Needing attention
  • To alert owner about the situation
  • Feeling fearsome


Chihuahua barks at night: Some pups used to bark the whole night that not only irritates the owner but neighbors also get annoyed with such dogs. But you can control this habit by creating an easy, safe and comfortable environment for the Chihuahua.


Is your Chihuahua barks continuously at home? Though, it is quite annoying when the Chihuahua frequently barks at home but this habit can be controlled by taking following actions

  • Make it sure that all requirements have been fulfilled
  • Act like a leader to teach the commands in a proper manner
  • Skilled yourself to interrupt and divert the puppy a quick manner


Chihuahua barks at visitors: It is common for Chihuahua to bark at strangers as it is good for the safety purpose. It is appropriate to teach the puppy to bark for few seconds. To train the Chihuahua you can follow the steps below:

  • Take help of any person who play a role of visitor
  • Wait inside the house, about 10-15 feet away from the door
  • Ask your puppy to sit when the visitor is about to reach the door
  • To prevent the puppy moving around use harness that is useful to avoid any neck injury to your Chihuahua
  • When the bell rings, say ok in aloud
  • Ask the puppy to stop barking after few barks and give it a reward

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