Strong bond with Chihuahua

It’s natural that owner want to have a close bonding with Chihuahua but it is not possible in the beginning because it takes some time to build a strong bond with the dog. There are some effective tips that are very useful to get closer with the Chihuahua in a small amount of time.


What is foundation of bonding? Respect and care are two essential elements of bonding. The more time, value and care will strengthen the bond. If the owner neglect the Chihuahua then the bond start getting weaker.

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Top ways to bond with Chihuahua

  • Command or trick: Bonding is not possible in a day or two, it is a gradual process and it needs a team work. Consider yourself a coach and Chihuahua is player. Now teach or command the puppy and reward it for efforts. In this way pup will learn in a fast way and it makes the bonding stronger.
  • Puzzle game: It is quite interesting way to spend time with the Chihuahua. Homemade puzzle is very appropriate way to develop interest of the Chihuahua in learning. There are other games which are very useful to enhance confidence of the puppy in a healthy manner.
  • Speak to your puppy: To have a strong bonding with the puppy, it is very important to speak with the Chihuahua frequently. The tone of your voice also have a great influence on the puppy so try to speak with
    the Chihuahua in a friendly manner.
  • Make the puppy your sidekick: No matter how much busy you are, do not ignore your pup. Try to take it with you everywhere, there are many strollers, carry bags are available in the market that make it very easy to carry Chihuahua with you. In this way you will spend maximum time with puppy that is helpful to make bond stronger.

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