Caring Chihuahuas

Overview: What do you mean by care? Care is not only to feed the dog or to stay it away from any harm but it covers many aspects that include grooming, exercise, feeding and training. Owner should consider all elements for the puppy’ care.

Chihuahua and children: It is important to note that very young children are not safe from Chihuahua so never let your children alone because there are chances of harm or injury.

Taking care of Chihuahuas
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Physical activity: In physical activities, there are some limits of the Chihuahua as this breed is quite vulnerable as
compared to other dog breeds so it needs additional care and attention.

  • Daily walk is very healthy advice for the Chihuahua but it should be 20-30 minutes. It also depends on the exertion of the puppy. Extra effort can inhibit growth plates of the puppy.
  • Jumping from more than 2 feet is not appropriate for the Chihuahua because it can cause serious injuries or fractures to the hips or knees.
  • In hot summers, the outdoor activity should be in late evening or early morning. Avoid hot pavements that can burn your puppy’ feet.

Grooming: Grooming is a vital element in the Chihuahua care. Grooming include paw care, trimmings, ear cleaning, and baths. Remove stray hairs that grow inside the Chihuahua ear and provide a breeding place for bacteria and ear mites. Owners should check the paws of the puppy as a routine check because stray hairs bottom of the paws can cause trouble in walking.

Training: Chihuahua does not take a long time for training. Around 3-4 weeks are enough to train the puppy. All family members should take part to train the Chihuahua and strict schedule is very important in training.

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