Begging of Chihuahua

Overview: Dog begging is one of the most awful thing that is very difficult to handle by the owner. When a Chihuahua beg for food, it do crazy things that disturb the owner such as it jumps on the food or at the owner, whining, pretend to be sad and it can leave you in difficulty to stop such type of action. Such behavior is not only problematic for you but also for the dog. Chihuahua acts like a stubborn dog and it badly effects the puppy health as it waste a lot of energy of the Chihuahua.


Reasons of dog’ begging: If you want to stop such sort of behavior then it is important to understand the reason of begging.

  • Chihuahua is uncertain of the consequence: Sometimes Chihuahua feel insecure about its requirements mostly food and it try its level best to acquire that particular thing by showing aggressive and stubborn behavior.
  • Chihuahua is sure of the outcome: Overconfident dogs also show such type of behavior. When Chihuahua is certain that it gets what it desires then this confidence will not stop Chihuahua to stop begging as it is assure that result will be favorable.
Stop begging behavior of Chihuahua
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How to control the begging behavior of the Chihuahua:

  • Decide which food is appropriate for Chihuahua: Snacks and treats play an essential role in maintaining the Chihuahua’s health. Select the food that contains enough calories to meet the dog’s requirement. Also reserved some snacks for rewarding good behavior.
  • All member of the family should participate: To change the puppy behavior, it is necessary to work as a team and include your entire family to train the Chihuahua so it will learn in a faster manner.
  • Never appreciate begging: Your little praise will encourage the Chihuahua to beg excessively so try to ignore this behavior and discourage such sort of actions.

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