Seperation Anxiety in Chihuahuas

Overview: Many owners are quite busy with the tight schedule that they are not able to bring the puppy with them when go outside. But there are some factors that are worrisome for the owner which included:

  • Separation anxiety
  • Safety issues
  • Negative behavior for instance barking


Overnight: Some people prefer late night jobs. If you are staying at home for the day time and leaving your puppy only for 12 hours at night then it should be fine. Because a trained Chihuahua will not create any issue for this time period. But if you are planning to leave for 24 hours then it is a long time period which is not tolerable by the puppy. It is better to leave the puppy to your friend or family place and if no one is free to take care of the puppy then the puppy would better at canine hotel service.


How long the puppy tolerates loneliness at home? Chihuahua can be alone for 8 to 9 hours maximum because after that it may require more food and water or it may start feeling lonely. In most of the cases, the puppy started barking because of feeling danger while being lonely. Possible dangers that puppy feel are as follows:

  • When the water supply ran out
  • When the heat shuts off because of black out in winters
  • Air conditioning may cut out because of electricity loss in summer


Separation anxiety in Chihuahua: Chihuahua often feels anxiety when left alone. Some of the puppies are very sensitive by nature and exhibit separation nervousness by showing different actions. It reveals the anxiety by various ways that include:

  • Harmful chewing of any object
  • Nervousness and behavioral stress
  • Grumbling and crying
  • Barking

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