Territory marking behavior of Chihuahuas

Overview: Many owners get frustrated when the pup starts marking in the house. As a result, the house gets smelly and you will find pee strains on every corner of the house.


Marking vs accidents: There are two major differences between accident and marking.


Amount of urine: If Chihuahua is marking then it spray a little amount of urine but it will not empty the bladder properly. It may walk and spraying in various corners of the house.


Urine only: If your puppy is peeing and poo’ing in the house then it is housebreaking training problem. Your Chihuahua needs more training and attention to teach the housebreaking.


Signs of marking

Adult Chihuahua 1 to 7 years old: In most cases, young pups avoid marking but adult Chihuahua tend to mark that are around 8 years old.


Spay or neutered Chihuahua: About 20% of the Chihuahua that are spay or neutered tends to spray more often than other puppies.


Marking is limited or unlimited: Once Chihuahua gets habitual of spraying then it will continue to spray even if you block the place. It will find another place of spraying.

Vertical objects are marked: It prefers to spray on tables, standing lamps, chairs, and sides of sofas.


Reasons for Chihuahua marking:

  • Inappropriate understanding of hierarchy
  • Chihuahua may spray in response to other dogs
  • It may attempt to changes that reason stress
  • It may try to calling out for a mate by spraying


How to stop the puppy for marking

  • Teach your Chihuahua as a leader
  • 80% of spay or neutered stops marking
  • Try to help with the hierarchy problems with other dogs
  • Limit your dog from outdoor visions
  • Limit marking capability of the Chihuahua
  • Carefully observe the activities of your pup
  • Clean all the urine marked areas properly so the puppy will not be able to recognize the place for spraying

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