Age of Chihuahua

Chihuahua age milestones: Chihuahua experience various ages throughout the life that include:

Newborn pup: One day old puppy has its eyelids closed. It has no teeth and it is completely dependent on the dam but if the dam refuse to take care then it is the duty of the owner to take care of the pup.

10 days old pup: Chihuahua gain more weight at the age of 10 days. It also needs to trim nails. Feeding and sleeping are two major tasks of the Chihuahua at this age.

3 weeks old pup: Eyes and ears are working properly at the age of three weeks. Similar to human babies, Chihuahua needs to learn about walking.

4-7 weeks old pup: At this stage, Chihuahua is able to eat solid food and at the end of the seventh week, Chihuahua is able to eat solid food in an appropriate way.

5-8 weeks old pup: At this stage, Chihuahua grows in a rapid manner and its learning capability is also very strong at this age.

3-4 months old pup: This is quite difficult time for the Chihuahua as it is a teething phase so you need to arrange plenty of chew toys and ice cubes for the puppy.

4-8 months old pup: During this time period, the dog start growing mentally and physically in a very considerable manner. This is the best time to train the Chihuahua for house training and for commands as well. It also learns names, faces and voices of your family and friends.

1 Year old Chihuahua
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1 year old Chihuahua: Chihuahua have an astounding personality. It has an amazing sense of humor that remains forever. It continues to grow at this age but there is a very negligible increase in weight.

8-10 year old Chihuahua: At this stage, the Chihuahua is fully grown and it can be considered a senior dog. It may show aging signs at this age.

For instance, muscle discomfort, joint pain are common issues with such dogs. Provide senior formula food to your Chihuahua to avoid severe issues.

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