Behavior of Chihuahuas

Understand your Chihuahua: It is very important to know about the expected behavior and temperament of the Chihuahua. People who are bringing Chihuahua home for the very first time then it is very helpful to select the right puppy for you that can be easily adjusted to the family. Especially for the safety of children it is more essential to make it sure that the dog will not harm the family in any case.

Behavior overview: Like humans, every Chihuahua has a different personality and behavior. You cannot assume
all the Chihuahua in the same category as each dog has the different way to observe the world. Here is a brief description of specific behavior of the Chihuahua

Cling behavior of the puppy: Chihuahua are very friendly by nature and loves to spent time in human company. Some puppies take some time to adjust to humans’ company of and become quite clingy. There are various ways to help the clingy puppy which will be helpful for the dog.

Agressive behavior of Chihuahuas
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Is your Chihuahua shows aggressive behavior? Some Chihuahua are quite aggressive by nature. Puppies who tend to bite their owners or other family members are very dangerous and it is very risky to keep them in the presence of small children. Some owners are anxious about the aggressive behavior of the Chihuahua but it can be controlled by the strict training of the puppy.

Timid Chihuahua: Chihuahua feels shy sometimes but it is quite normal. At times owners are not able to
differentiate between the shyness and fearfulness of the Chihuahua. Once you identify the exact behavior, you can help the puppy accordingly.

Chihuahua loves grass: Chihuahua is fond of grass and sunlight so there is no need to worry if your puppy is rolling around the grass. But if it does this several times then it is a matter of concern. It is possible
that the Chihuahua is allergic to fleas or food that cause itching.

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