Clingy behavior of Chihuahuas

Overview: Initially, the owner finds it very normal when Chihuahua is following you like a shadow, snuggling or licking. But excessive clinging is not a normal behavior in Chihuahua.


Clingy behavior as a new pup: Initially, the pup is not used to of any human contact and its owner is the first human contact ever. The young age of puppy prevents it to do many bonding activities. In the first 8 weeks, social activities of Chihuahua are very limited and prefer to spend time for its siblings or family. Then puppy is taken away to the entirely new environment. When pup starts learning its surrounding and get used to of it then there are chances that it starting glued to your side.


Clingy behavior of Chihuahuas
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Sudden clingy behavior: At times, Chihuahua shows a quite unexpected behavior and the owner is not able to identify the reason for such kind of action. Here are few reasons for clingy behavior

  • Chihuahua may be traumatized: When Chihuahua experiences a terrible dog’s attack then it may get very frightened and suddenly act skittish and clingy. It is also possible that your puppy is afraid of any person that it
    shows a clingy behavior.
  • Is your Chihuahua injured or ill? Chihuahua may exhibit such behavior if it is experiencing any health issue that includes loss of appetite, shivering, restlessness, fever, resistance to exercise, changes into bowl movement and so on. Examine your puppy closely and if you any of the mentioned health issues then immediately try to cure it.
  • How much time you spend for the puppy? If you spend a lot of time of the Chihuahua then the puppy becomes very clingy but it is not an appropriate action. Because it will get easily panic if you are not able to give time to Chihuahua.

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