Chewing Habit in Chihuahuas

Overview: Chihuahua has a common habit of chewing. This habit is not only in Chihuahua of early age but it is very common to all ages of Chihuahua.


Chewing at body parts: Most of the time the Chihuahua chews its own body parts that are accessible to it which includes paws, tip of the tail, and lower legs. But what are main causes that urge Chihuahua to chew the body parts. Here is a brief description of cause and its solution.


Itching: Some Chihuahua feels itching and start chewing body parts to get rid of it. Itching may be specific or it may occur on the whole body. Chihuahua only chews the parts that are easy to approach.


Progression: When dog chew at the spot it will get a minor relief but it is temporary. Gradually the itching spread and the chewing cause irritation in the skin. It causes more trouble and pain.


Skin problems in Chihuahua
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Dry or itchy skin causes: There are various reasons for dry or itchy skin that include:

  • Poor diet: If Chihuahua eats low quality food that contains very low amount of healthy fat then there are
    chances that it suffers from skin diseases, i.e. itching.
  • Precursors to allergies: Sometimes dry skin and chewing are the signs of other allergies that can be diagnosed by visiting an expert veterinarian.
  • Weather related: Winter is also the reason for a dry skin and chewing in Chihuahua.


How to eliminate chewing habit of the Chihuahua?

  • Bath products: Conditioner, oatmeal bases shampoo and leave-in coat are the best products to minimize the
    itching issue.
  • Water: If there is very dry climatic conditions then use humidifiers to eliminate dryness. Another aspect is that Chihuahua needs a specific amount of water daily and if it is not taking that quantity then it may cause itching or dryness.

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